The Web 2.0 MetaModelbrowser (MMB)

The Web 2.0 MetaModelbrowser offers to easily browse Ecore-based metamodels made available in online model repositories such as the Eclipse AM3 AtlantEcore Zoo. With tree-based visualization of the metamodels' content users can zoom in and out of the details of arbitrarily sized metamodels as necessary.

Browsing Ecore-based Metamodels

The MetaModelbrowser is inspired by the Eclipse Modeling Framework's (EMF) Sample Ecore Model Editor. In fact, some parts of EMF have been reused in the MetaModelbrowser.

In order to browse an Ecore-based metamodel from an online model repository you have to parameterize the following URL with the URL from the metamodel to be visualized and an optional header text:<Your URL>&head=<Optional header text>
e.g. /org.eclipse.am3.zoos.atlantEcore/QVT_SimpleUML.ecore?revision=1.2&root=Technology_Project&head=SimpleUML Metamodel

simpleumlemeta simpleumlmetamodel

Example for viewing the SimpleUML metamodel with the MMB.

Sample Metamodels

KerMeta Metamodel
Ecore Metamodel
SimpleUML Metamodel
UML 2.0 Metamodel
RDBMS Metamodel

Browsing Models

The following screenshot shows how models can be browsed in an Eclipse workbench environment.

simpleumlemodell simpleumlemodel

Use this Example to browse the SimpleUML model residing on our server. (SimpleUML Modelbrowser)

Sample Models

SimpleUML Model


In order to use the MetaModelbrowser please register your URL:


How Web 2.0 can leverage Model Engineering in Practice. Manuel Wimmer, Andrea Schauerhuber, Michael Strommer, Jürgen Flandorfer, and Gerti Kappel. Workshop Domänspezifische Modellierungssprachen (DSML'08) im Rahmen der Modellierung 2008, Berlin, Deutschland, 2008.


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